Digging Deeper Into Data Technology

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Data technology is one of the topics that is behind the scenes in the forefront of today’s technological world. It’s a subset of the idea of information technology, in that in order to make any kind of consistent IT strategy, data technology has to be in place first. Without data, there’s no information!

So as you dig deeper into the topic, consider that it’s smart to know about data center designs, global internet connections, cloud realities, the big companies in the internet world, and even how legacy mainframes work inside of of major companies that deal with a lot of data networks.

Data Center Designs

There are companies that specialize in data center designs. They come to where the space is or needs to be, and tell you what kind of construction or installation would be required in order to meet your goal of having a certain amount of storage power. The consultations are going to be pretty specific per assignment, so communicating as much as possible with these companies is going to be the key to getting a satisfying result in the end.

Global Internet Connections

Are you aware of how the internet is connected around the globe? Most people have never looked that up, and are surprised to find the ratio of wireless to wired connections that have to occur in major hubs around the world. The internet is a strange and wonderful thing, but at the heart of it, data technology is still what makes it possible, so the more than engineers try to streamline those connection formats, the better speeds and more consistent ability to search are going to result.

Cloud Realities

The internet cloud is a curious concept in itself. The idea is that your data is floating around in the ether somewhere, accessible to you but not necessarily on your physical hard drives. But, that data actually has to be on a hard drive somewhere, and once again, where it is will be determined by data technology that’s attached to your favorite cloud service.

The Big Companies

The big companies with respect to data technology are going to be heavy hitters like Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and to a lesser degree (though getting larger) Facebook. These are the companies that have the resources to expand the web through intelligent physical networking forms, and are bringing themselves to task accordingly.

Legacy Mainframes

What about the early mainframes that ran the heavy computer for pre-internet work? You better believe they’re still doing their jobs as well. Companies like General Motors, who rely heavily on data transfer and competition, and still using them for the massive amounts of numbers that they deal with in respect to things like car parts, sales numbers, and infrastructure information.

Anna Johansson is a freelance writer, researcher, and business consultant from Olympia, WA. A columnist for Entrepreneur.com, iMediaConnection.com and more. Anna specializes in entrepreneurship, technology, and social media trends. You can follow her through the buttons below.