The 6 Reasons Way International Calling Is Very Important to Us

Video Call. Photo by Kalleboo. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

The world today is constantly changing, I mean look at how hard it was to travel to another country 20 to 40 years ago The fact of the matter is that 40 years ago we could not just decide that we wanted to go to Italy and 2 days later leave and arrive in within 12 hours of departing the airport. We would have to book a ticket on a ship which would take months to arrive at the arrivals port.

Due to the extreme advancement rate within the today’s world, many companies have had to increase the speed at which they advance. Which created a massive communications gap. The reason for this was that massive companies were investing in industrial countries and when something would go wrong or these companies were checking on the progress that was completed, it turned out into to a nightmare. At the time it was just not viable for these companies to keep sending out responses and people the slow way, thus was the race to the information age.

With the introduction of the information age came the birth of the global internet. With the internet there where new possibilities good, bad and just weird. The best of these many possibilities was the creation of an easy to access stream of information. This allowed the world advance at even greater rates and to expand to distant parts of the world.

The introduction of the need for international calling

Since everyone was moving to different parts of the globe we need an easy way to communicate with one another. The first attempts of creating this network were a success from the get-go. These came in the form of telephone booths and landlines. Companies like NobelCom and Microsoft began to see a potential and created phone cards and internet calling apps respectively.

The internet calling apps ability to be able to integrate with modern day cellular devices is what makes it so great, also long as you have a stable internet connection then you can call anyone from anywhere without having to pay expensive cell company rates. Applications like NobelApp and Skype allow people to communicate with people anywhere in the world, whether it be by voice or by video calling.

For places that don’t have the best of the signal, there is always phone booth which is where having phone cards can come in handy.

10 Reasons why international calling is very important to us

  1. It allows us to connect to anyone
  2. It is extremely cost effective
  3. It increases productivity within companies
  4. It makes the consumers lives easier
  5. An increase in productivity means an increase in the global economy.
  6. It allows us to plan and coordinate emergency rescue plans without having to wait

Thanks to the creation of internet calling we have been able to keep up with the fast pace of technological advancement in the world which has to help shape the world and improve the general relationship between everyone.

Video call photo by Kalleboo. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.