New Web Design Trends Your Site Must Adopt

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We’re only halfway through the year and we’re already seeing several shifts in web design trends. Some of the more recent trends are triggered by changes in the way search engine process and rank websites, the way users interact with different web elements, and of course the increased popularity of mobile devices. Which are the new web design trends your site should adopt? We have just the list in this article.

Mobile Site and Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile-friendliness is an important factor in web design. Visitors are using more mobile devices than ever, which is why your site needs to be mobile-friendly. The trend, however, shifts past simple mobile-friendliness. Having a responsive layout that looks good on mobile screens is no longer enough.

In order to maintain a high level of user experience, the mobile version of your site must also have mobile-optimized content. There are a few simple things you can do to accommodate this shift:

  • Try to make adjustments to the way typography is displayed on mobile screens. Instead of using the same font, font size and paragraph settings ask the site’s desktop layout, you can provide a better mobile user experience by using mobile-friendly fonts and increasing the page’s overall readability.
  • Speed matters! The large images that work great on desktop browser will slow down your page’s loading time on mobile devices. This can be avoided by preparing mobile-only replacements for the visual elements of your site.
  • We have so many video contents to display today. The best way to make them work on mobile devices is to actually add a responsive video player. A nice and light HTML5 player should work like a charm.

Card Layout

Another interesting web design trend is the card layout. Instead of displaying large bits of information at once, websites now offer smaller portions of the information in rectangular cards. Users can then choose which information they want to view in details and can access the full content easily.

Card layout works really well for almost every website. You can create a clean and enjoyable user experience by adopting the card layout. You are no longer bombarding your visitors with long text and information they don’t really need. The improved user experience will also increase visitors’ time on site.

Emphasis on Local or Area-Specific Elements

We feel the most comfortable when we’re at home. The same can be said for websites. A lot of blogs and other websites are starting to introduce local web design elements to connect more with visitors. Search engines appreciate the use of local keywords (or phrases) and the addition of an address too.

It is not always easy to incorporate local elements to your site. In fact, it’s often difficult to understand what you really need. This is where working with a web design company in your area is a good idea. When you’re based in Melbourne and you need to connect with local users, for instance, the best web design Melbourne company is what you need.

The local design company can help you identify design elements that local visitors really love. The experts can also help you identify keywords to use, the kind of content – and content delivery – the local visitors enjoy the most and even help find ways to increase conversion rates and sales based on various factors.

Adopt one of these trends (or all of them) and you’ll see a lot of positive changes to your site’s overall performance and effectiveness. They may be simple, but these new trends can help your site connect with more visitors.

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