Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

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In most cases buying expired domains is the best business decision that you will ever make. Expired domains are domain names that were not or are not renewed by the owners after their expiration date. These domains turn to be particularly useful especially when you find one with trusted affiliations and a good ranking on Google.

However, you shouldn’t lunge into the process blindly. There are important aspects of the domain name that you will have to consider before sending your money and getting the domain name. There also are many sellers of these domains. They include:

1. If the domain name has been banned

In some instances, the domain name and the affiliated website may have been banned though it may have a great positive appeal on you. Even with a high domain authority, the domain may not be beneficial. The Google banned checker is a tool to guide you and you will use it to check if the domain you seek is banned or not.

Unless the banned domain is too good for you, shun it. Otherwise, you may send Google a reconsideration request to have the domain unbanned.

2. The domain’s authority and its Page Authority

The quality of expired domains can be determined using these two metrics. The domain authority is Moz’s metric that tells how a domain will be ranked by Google. Algorithms are run to predict the domain’s rankings on search engines. Therefore, consider this comprehensively to know the strength of the page’s links.

3. Page’s Ranking

The use of bots and other automated software would have resulted in the high rankings on the expired domains and the website. Such manipulations will pull you to the domain; ultimate result will be loss of your hard earned money.

4. Adsense ban

The main reason for having a website is for you to gain more traffic to your page; the best way of doing this involves the use of ads. When the domain name has a Google Adsense ban on it, it will be of no use or importance to your blog or your business. you can use or have the person selling the domain run checks using tools like the Adsense sandbox checkers.

5. Type of website run on expired domain

It is important that you know what the website dealt in before its expiration. An archive of the website through a screen shot link will give you the details on the website’s past activity as well as the times it was active.

To conclude, you need to get your money’s worth. Therefore, consider these factors deeply and carry out all necessary research. Try figure out why the owner didn’t renew the domain. You can buy the domain if the non-renewal was a result of previous owner’s forgetfulness, a legal reason or if they left it because of invalidity of email addresses. Avoid domains that were dropped because of low value for renewal or if they were banned by Google.

You should also consider the reliability of the sellers and the offered prices when bidding.

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