Picking the Best Water Treatment System for Your Home

Water Pipes

There are two types of water treatment systems, they include: the filtration process and softening process. The best system for you is determined by the type of water piped to your home. Many people fail to get the right system because they do not consider the components in the water. Listed below are several factors that can be helpful when picking the right system:

The nature of filters and softener

The water filters are equipment used in the removal of physical contaminants from the water. The filters comprise of small apparatus and the bigger ones. The bigger filters have the ability of sieving the entire water system in a home. Water softeners on the other hand deal with the removal of minerals that make the waters hard. These minerals cannot be sieved since they have smaller particles.

Working mechanism of the filters

The filters have blockages called the media beds. When the water passes through these beds, the pollutants are removed. Several processes take place in the media bed and that includes; oxidation, ion exchange, absorption, micron-filtration and catalytic conversion. There are however other types of impurities whose nature cannot allow purification with one process.

Working mechanism of the softeners

Water is said to be hard when it comprises calcium and magnesium ions. Unfortunately, these impurities cannot be removed by sieving. The particles for these minerals are so small and can pass through the filters. The softening process includes the use of salt and ion-exchange resins. If you desire to have chemical and salt-free water, the ceramic media can be a better option.

Sourcing expert assistance

It takes knowledge to know the type of impurities contained in the water. Since you do not possess the expertise and the machines to determine the type, it is imperative to hire an expert. Without professional guidance, you cannot invest in the best whole house water filter. That will be wastage of finances. Spending on an expert is worthwhile as it eliminates chances of making bad decisions.

Ratings on performance

The performance of these apparatus according to the testimony of their past and current users should capture your attention. This is because after procuring the apparatus, you will encounter the same experience. If the current consumers rate the equipment poorly, it is prudent to avoid it. Focus on buying products whose rating on performance is extremely high.

Check with the neighbors

If you have neighbors with the water purification system, do not bother selecting the best system on your own. Since you are in the same neighborhood, the source of water is the same. Thus, to purify their water, they must have done due diligence before installing their systems. Visit several neighbors and assess the systems they use. That will give you an idea of the perfect system for your needs.

Consumer reviews

Always be attentive to note any complaint that comes up from the consumers. If the complaints are serious, that is a red flag. Elude the apparatus that have generated numerous complaints from their consumers. That is a sign of ineffectiveness.