Top 5 Safety Tips for Operating a Gas Heater

Gas Flame

I love the cooler months, and I just love firing up my gas heater and getting nice and cosy and warm underneath it in the evenings. My outdoor heater particularly comes in handy when I have friends over, and thanks to my patio heater, I can have people over in the evening – whether it’s for drinks outside after dinner or a casual Sunday session with the girls, it’s possible to stay out longer when the sun goes down. This is all a bonus for me, as I simply love being outdoors. I have a young family as well and I really need to make sure that they’re safe first and foremost – and I wanted to make sure that I was sharing how to be safe with you as well, in the hopes that it helps you at home. These tips are brought to you by Banjo.

Avoid using outdoor gas heaters indoors

When you have a gas heater, it is exclusively made to be used in the outdoor section of your home. Be sure that you don’t fire it up in the house as it can cause problems with gas leaks and other potential issues. It’s decidedly unsafe and something that you definitely need to avoid. There are plenty of heaters that can be used in the home, so if you’re not warm enough inside, make sure you invest in a heater that has been designed to be used indoors.

Keep flammable materials at least one metre away from heater

Fire and flammable material do not mix. This goes without saying. You need to make sure that anything that is potentially flammable is out of reach of the gas flames from your heater – and that it stays away. At least one metre is the safest distance, so be sure that people know about this and stick to it.

Service your gas heater prior to use

Just as you take care of your car by getting it serviced, so too do you need to make sure that you take care of your heater with regular servicing. Be sure to use a qualified gas fitter to do this for you, and make sure that you get it done every year to ensure that it stays in good working order. This kind of vigilance will ensure that you are looking after your family.

Ensure there is plenty of ventilation

Don’t use a heater in an area where there isn’t adequate ventilation, and make sure that your heater has plenty of space to operate properly. This will ensure that your family are safe and that gas isn’t leaking into the air around you. In order to ensure that you have sufficient ventilation, you need to make sure that if you have an enclosed indoor area that there is adequate space and air inflow for the heater to breathe.

Turn it off before bed

A rookie error for any heater owner to make is to leave their heater on overnight. It’s highly dangerous for heaters to be left on overnight because they’re unsupervised and it can be very risky because they could tip over, or come into contact with fabric or curtains which can cause a fire. The best option is to ensure that you turn the heater off at night, and that you check that it’s definitely off at the gas bottle or main gas area.
Enjoy your heater this coming winter and be sure to take care of your family. If you follow these tips and make sure safety remains a number one priority, you’ll have a warm and hazard-free winter.