Essential Features Of Any Effective Website


The fact is that a website is an essential feature of any business. Without one, you will soon fall behind the competition and lose your market share. However, any website won’t do because a bad website is just as destructive as having no website. What you need is a site that is set up to succeed by incorporating some key features. If you do this it will start to boom, and your business will benefit as a result. So, what are the essential features of a website? Good question.


Forget about looks for a minute – substance is much more important than style. Yes, when you make a website you need to make sure that it looks the part. But, if you don’t make it functional and easy to use your customers will bounce. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to plan a road map in your head. By sketching out how you want your website to work, you can take the plans off the page and put them onto the server. It is a simple and basic tool, but it works.

Good Looks

The site needs to look pretty. Otherwise, no one will want to stay when they come across the page. Why? It is not nice to say, but most people need to find a site attractive. If you are not a web designer, you may not be taking care of the aesthetics. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an input. Make sure that you and your designer of choice communicate over how you want the site to look and feel. One tip: simplicity is often the best policy.

Business Information

Most sites like to copy a blueprint of what they think is a great site. And, it may be a great site for another company, but it does nothing for their business. You should not fall into the trap of following trends and patterns. Don’t worry about a massive ‘about’ page where you spell out your 14 point plan because no one cares. What they do care about is what you have to offer regarding products and services, and how much they cost.

Contact Information

Please don’t set up a website and omit your contact details. After all, what are customers who want to contact you supposed to do if there are no details? The answer is that they will go to a rival firm that they can contact. When you do all the hard work, you want to get the credit. By including a phone number or an email address, you will make a lot more conversions on a regular basis.


Security is not just for your benefit. Of course, you want to keep your data and information safe and secure at all times. And, you should because that info is integral to your success. But, you also need to keep your browsers safe. At the end of the day, no one is going to use a site that they don’t trust. And, any site that doesn’t have a secure server is one such site.

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