Infographic Explains the Details on Data Entry Jobs


Here’s an infographic that explains the details of a nicely lucrative occupation – data entry. It details your competition, where the jobs are at and what the average salary is in the top five states, and which sub-occupations are most needed. Then it explains which skills are the most common, and which sites have the most job listings in the data entry field.

Competition is sort of low, country-wide, so you might want to extend your search to any other states you wouldn’t mind living in. A career move is always a good reason to move to another state, but make sure you’ve got the job lined up and guaranteed before you actually move out of the state you’re already in.

The top five states for new hires has a rate of pay that is about double what minimum wage is, so there’s no need to take a second job, unless your expenses are higher than normal. Data entry isn’t about getting rich quick, or even slowly, but it’s a stable occupation, and one that is going to be around for a very long time. The average national salary for data entry jobs has steadily risen, with no lags or lulls in the years since 2010. Data for salaries in 2015 isn’t in yet, though, but it’s expected to rise even more, as well as rise again in 2016.

There are several different titles you might want to search for in your quest for a data entry job. There are specialists, supervisors, techs, clerks, operators, and representatives. Leaving one out in your search might cause you to skip that perfect job you should apply for.

It’s not all just data entry, but other skills can help you land that next great job. Data entry is a good item to have on your resume, but don’t forget about skills in Microsoft Word and Excel, and also speed typing, and data processing. Those skill sets get attention on your resume because employers need individuals who can handle the software that is used and who can also complete tasks quickly.

From just over 10,000 jobs, to over a quarter of a million, where will you search next? When there are more jobs posted, there is less competition. It’s also easier to find several different ones that you can apply to that matches more of your own criteria.

So check it out and polish up your skills, and then get ready to apply so you can find a better job for yourself. The nice people at Gonna Type made this infographic so you can keep these facts and figures in your mind a bit more easily.

Data entry jobs infographic

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