5 Things Google Glass Will Come Handy With

Digital technology is constantly advancing, and humanity as a whole keeps relying on it more and more. The latest step when it comes to pushing the boundaries of digital technology is the much debated wearable tech. A lot of companies have announced different wearable tech projects, prototypes, designs and so on, but not one of them raised such a fuss like Google Glass did. This popularity has a lot to do with the weight Google’s name carries due to their omniscient presence on the Web. Still, when it comes to the practical application of this particular piece of wearable tech, a lot of people are unsure what Google Glass actually brings to the table. Google has assured us that this will be a life changing tool that is going to make doing a lot of things a lot different. Here are some concrete example of its use.

1. Improved Teaching and Lecturing

Board Knowledge

There are tons of ways you can use Google Glass as a teacher. Let’s start with the most exciting ones. You can hold a lecture directly from the field and practically show what kind of conditions you may encounter, and how to manage them properly. This is especially useful when training people for dangerous situations. Now you can show them what can happen without putting them at risk. You would also prepare them for their first field experience a lot better. As far as some more obvious applications are concerned, there are tons of the – hangout live lectures, the ability to focus on the people in the back when large venues are in question, and take direct questions far more easily. Basically, you would have full, interactive control of your lectures.

2. Easy to Use Navigation

Imagine never getting lost, no matter where you are! I mean, it is quite obvious that you would have access to Google Maps, but turn-by-turn guides would also be available to you. This would allow us to be our own tour guides, inquire about the sites that really interest us, and get a completely personalized tour through a city or an archaeological location.

3. Planning on the Run

Woman Airport

This is something most of us have to do today, but Google Glass will make it so much easier. Imagine being aware that your flight is delayed as soon as it happens, or getting an update if the weather is going to change drastically. What about calling a cab while checking your credit card balance? These are just some examples of its use, but a reminder that you can’t miss is probably the most crucial thing. You will never forget about important things again!

4. Construction and Safety

The more precisely the work is done, there’s less of a chance that an accident will happen. Google Glass can measure and calculate things for you and inform if somebody made a mistake in the calculations or the planning process. It can scan the site for any possible hazardous situations, and warn everyone before it is too late. Some companies are already using it to improve their performance, like with mold removal. They say that it helps them provide their customers with all around better services, and do a more precise job.

5. Law Enforcement & Security

Police Security

There are tons of ways in which the police and military can use Google Glass to improve their performance in the field. It can provide live stream of any situation, and provide an insight into the performance of a law enforcement agent, while also providing physical evidence of the situation. There is also the option to scan crowds for potential suspects and people from wanted lists, which will help officers take preemptive action and stop dangerous situations. Private security and securing venues gets a lot easier as well. Blacklists can actually have photos of the people banned from the club so as to avoid any potential oversight.

Still, possible applications of Google Glass are limitless. Still, we need to keep in mind possible misappropriations of gadgets like these due to their versatility. We hope you enjoyed this article!

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