Buying a Used Convertible: A Smart Choice?

The issue of buying a new car or used one is a concern for most car buyers. Similarly, those passionate about convertibles are confused whether they should buy a used convertible or new one and whether they should choose Italian or a French convertible car.

What exactly are these convertibles? The convertible cars are nothing but vehicles with facility to convert the enclosed roof to open air mode. With such cars you can enjoy a sunny day with open roof and wind. People who have the attitude, love attention and don’t mind people knowing what they listen on radio are perfect for convertible. If you find them suitable for you and are in quest to obtain a used convertible, here are some Italian and French convertible models that might meet your requirement.

Italian or French Convertible – Which One to Select?

Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat 124 Spider.

The fresh and chic look of Fiat 124 Spider is not to be overlooked in spite of its ordinary features. This Italian car styled by the legendary Pininfarina continues to entice car enthusiasts. You can still observe this car model being parked in huge numbers on the streets. Even though it comes with small rubber bumpers, its striking and soulful design is the highlight which makes it a classic option for buyers. The 1981 Fiat 2000 convertible is another attractive model to consider in this category. If you are looking for used models in this variety, you can be surprised on seeing them in great condition. Thus deserving the price they are being sold for. Unlike other vintage models that look worn out in lesser time, Fiat Spider generally gives impression that it has not been used, even in case of a decade old ones. It is observed that Spider is one in few hundreds to be equipped with four cylinder turbocharged engine. But it is mainly popular due to the attractive three terms Italian, smart and red.

Renault Caravelle

Renault Caravelle. Photo by Brian Snelson.

Want a better classic roadster with rear engine, then look for something such as a 1966 Renault Caravelle. On first sight you will fall in love with this convertible that has stunning bodyline and flexibility. It may sound odd to choose a convertible with a rear engine, but it is the main feature of this French convertible with mid-’50s Dauphine work. The looks are somewhat different from Fiat models and used cars appear as if they were taken care of by their previous owner. This small convertible obviously stands out in the streets. Though it has rusty look and is not that fast when compared to any other convertibles, the 55 horsepower powered by 1.1 liter inline four cylinder engine at the rear is the thing that attracts the buyers. This Renault model is mainly designed as an economy vehicle, rather than a performance vehicle. Hence, many non-Renault lovers believe that the performance, speed and handling of the Caravelle, is not up to the mark in comparison to its style, which is significantly stunning in convertibles range. However, the looks with a touch of 1950’s style and good drivable conditions can draw the attention of those who have planned in buying a used convertible.

Finally while choosing anything offbeat it is good idea to go for a safe convertible car that is stylish as well as comfy.