WordPress Themes That Offer Plenty For Nothing

WordPress themes are generally intuitive and appealing. However, some WordPress themes go far and above the rest and offer savvy tools, beautiful layouts and striking designs. Here are some of the best free themes on the web for WordPress lovers.

Best Theme by BlogEx

Best Theme

Screenshot via Bloggingexperiment.com

This theme is clean and cutting-edge. Designers won’t have to spend hours decoding the framework before setting up your page, because this template is easy to understand and straightforward.

A great feature of Best Theme is that they have a lot of support for users. While this is a free theme you will be treated like a premium buyer by BlogEx. The site itself has a lot of tutorials and examples for confused users, as well as a contact form.

Smashing Theme by Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offered this online freebie for fans and users back in 2008. It’s still a fresh choice for WordPress users. With a unique, grungy feel and a style that’s wholly unique, Smashing Theme is a clear choice for niche businesses and some bloggers.

A robust style that will appeal to younger designers, this WordPress theme is supported by most platforms. However, this design was created for WordPress 2.5.1 version or 2.6, and is not backward capable in most cases.

Skeleton Theme by Responsive Web Design

This mobile-friendly theme is bare-bones beautiful and clean. If you hate clutter and want a WordPress theme that’s as clean as it is bold, then the Skeleton Theme is for you. This free theme comes with three awesome footer widgets that users like to leverage for subtle marketing efforts or additional notes. Skeleton comes in three easy versions, which range from Simple to Mobile.

Skeleton allows users to access BlackBerry webworks from BlackBerry smartphones. You could even develop your own app. With HTML5 as the future trend in the world of app development, the navigational component makes it easy to make applications that feature beautiful animated transitions between screens.

The Launch Effect by A Barrel Project

This free one-page theme is meant to spread your word quickly. It’s not for people hoping to build-out large-scale WordPress themes with myriad pages and functionality: it’s simply meant to ignite a viral campaign.

This explosive WordPress theme allows your visitors to input their email addresses to generate a unique URL, which they then share with friends. Owners of Launch Effect themes can track their most loyal users in order to reward them with prizes and more. People can use Launch Effect more than once by scrubbing an old theme to start a new campaign or adding a new account. Many people love that this theme has a premium version for marketers.

Folder by Luis Zuno

This retro theme is new to WordPress and very exciting for younger users. It focuses on images rather than textual content, making the page feel attractive and vibrant.

Folder theme provides everything you need: it includes contact forms, Twitter feed, recent post tracking, and much more. This theme is perfect for a control freak who wants to monitor every happening on their site, including video views. The video widget is well-known among WordPress bloggers, because its functionality is so intuitive and well-planned.

These five free WordPress themes will take your site to the next step. By choosing a great template, you can ensure that your page is well designed and crafted to be intuitive for the user, as well as for you as the designer.

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