6 Ways a Smartphone Knows You Better Than Your Spouse

The Internet makes it really hard to keep secrets these days. But there are still some people who try to live a secret life that their spouse is never supposed to know about. Being that a smartphone is the primary means of communication for a growing number of people around the country, its ways of getting to know you better than your spouse ever could.


Samsung Vibrant SmartphoneMany people use their smartphones to store music, surf the web and find local restaurants and specialty stores. If you have a guilty musical pleasure that you do not want your spouse to know about, the chances are that it will be found on your smartphone. There are apps that can help you locate all of the bars and nightclubs in your area that cater to just about any kind of crowd. When it comes to guilty pleasures and secret personal preferences, your smartphone holds a lot of information that you do not want your spouse to have.

Breaking the Diet

Remember in January when you and your spouse decided that you were going to lose weight together by going on a diet? By February, you are in desperate need of a cheeseburger. How about a pizza? Do you use your smartphone to keep track of all of your favorite pizza places? It is entirely possible that your call history is filled with calls to local pizza joints that would explain why you continue to pack on the pounds while your spouse thinks you are sticking to your diet.

Your Surroundings

Smartphone GPS systems will allow anyone that has the right kind of software to find out where you are and where you have been. Your smartphone can mix GPS and your social media profiles to tell you more about yourself than maybe even you know. For example, the Highlight app will use GPS scans to see if any of your friends are close by. Not only that, but it can also tell you if friends of your friends are close to you by mixing social networking and GPS technology.

Social Life

“Can I have your Facebook password?” Those 6 words can make even the most faithful person sweat. Most people like to keep the inner workings of their social networks separate from their partner, but we trust it to our phone! It would be easy to wreak havoc on someone’s social life if someone got ahold of your phone considering most people leave their social networks logged in.

Illicit Contacts

Do you make secret phone calls to your ex on your cell phone that you don’t want your spouse to know about? Do you have that one friend that your spouse hates and never wants you to talk to, but you talk to him anyways? You may think that no one knows about your illicit phone calls, but your smartphone does. A look into your call history will show who you talk to and how often you make those calls.


Nowadays all your banking can be done right from the palm of your hand, meaning your phone has access to all of your personal finances. While you are wining and dining your significant other and spending like you have an endless supply of money, your phone is seeing something completely different. You can fool your partner, but your smartphone knows all!

If you want to find one entity that knows more about you than your spouse does, then that would be your smartphone. The more that you use it to communicate and interact with the world around you, the more data it stores about you. At the end of the day, your smartphone knows everywhere you went and everyone you talked to. Can the same thing be said about your spouse?