Six Easy Ways to Customize Your WordPress Template

wordpressWordPress is the tool of choice for bloggers and website designers in the world. WordPress themes are used by business owners to brand their businesses online. This is why it is very important for the owners to be able to customize their websites. Customization is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of online branding. WordPress themes and template customization allows bloggers and business owners to create blogs and websites that have a look and feel that reflects the owner’s or business’ distinct character.

Talk of customization may cause some discomfort in some people because this word is associated with a complex procedure that delivers an elegantly designed final product. However, this is actually far from the truth. Customization of WordPress templates is easy. Even individuals who lack the requisite CSS skills can do this without any problem as long as they possess creative minds. The following six easy ways can be used by anybody to transform and brand his or her website.

Header Customization

A site’s header is one of the most visible items on a website. This is one of the most important items that needs to be focused on when customizing a website. A nice and sleek header can help to create a good and lasting first impression on a website. The header can be thin and sleek or large and artistic. The two designs can be used in different scenarios. For instance, if the website is design-related, then a large artistic header can help to convey this easily. Some modification on the header’s CSS code is required. To get to the theme editor, the user needs to click the “Appearance Menu” and find the “Editor.” Once the user clicks on the function, the right width size for the header can be allocated.

Font Size

The font size affects the readability of articles on a website. The user may be interested in increasing the size of his or her font. This makes the posts more attractive, and it improves on the reader’s experience while browsing the site. The font should not be too large or too small. Medium sized fonts are usually the best option. To adjust the font size, the user simply has to add a few lines of simple CSS codes in the body section of the theme.

Text Effects

The text in the blog post can be customized by adding CSS Text Shadow Effect. This is a great and unique way of breathing new life to a site. CSS Text Shadow Effect is applied to post headings. A thin text shadow and matching colors can be added to complement the site’s style.

Sidebar Customization

The sidebar stays on all pages and posts in WordPress. Customizing the sidebar is very important. Customization can easily be achieved through an easy drag-and-drop process of the required widgets. Moreover, the widgets to be added are governed by the themes or templates being used.

Inserting a Clickable Image in the Header

With the header being the most prominent feature, a website can benefit a lot if a beautiful image is placed in this prime location. In order to insert a customized image, custom CSS codes have to be added. Fortunately, the process is also easy because the code specifically written for this purpose can be downloaded from the Internet.

Including Popular Posts on the Sidebar

The more popular posts or articles can be added on the sidebar to make them easy to access. The Popular Posts plugin needs to be installed and activated to achieve this result.

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  1. Awesome article for the uninitiated! However, it would have been useful to include some links pointing to HOW to do the things you’ve suggested. As someone’s who’s spent a lot of time customising WP CSS, I have to say that finding the right instructions can be a laborious process 🙂

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