Top Effective Tips for iPhone 4 Use

iPhone4Now you have bought the iPhone 4 and you are looking for the best tips and tricks, to save the phone functionality, and use it to its maximum potential. Yes, the manual does now provide the hidden information on how to use the phone with shortcuts. Either you have to find them out by yourself or the easy way is that you can search for the tips and tricks on how to use the new iPhone 4 and 4S with ease. You have come to the right spot here. I will guide you on how to use the iPhone 4 with cool tips and tricks so that you will be able to enjoy the use as well as save time too.

Tips to use the iPhone 4

First, you need to realize that the phone comes equipped with the artificially intelligent Siri and Safari. They both are the assistants, which will help you to use the phone effectively.

  • The voice commands can be activated for Siri. Siri is artificially intelligent and it will help you in calling people and texting through dictating it the texts.
  • You can define relationships in your phone book and then command Siri to call your relatives by their relations. For example, you can tell Siri to call Dad, and it will dial the number automatically.
  • Talk to Siri. It will talk back very intelligently. Ask it about the weather etc. It will guide you with its online information constantly updated as well.
  • Safari on the other hand is not voice activated but still has many functions. You can use Safari to save the pictures from the websites you like. Just tap and hold on the picture or any media file online. A menu will appear and it will guide you to save the pictures in your camera roll in the phone pictures folder.
  • Safari also will help you to take the screen shots of the screen that you are using. Just hold down on the home button. After that, simultaneously press the sleep/wake button. The screen shot will be taken. You will get the idea when you screen will wipe off and become white for some seconds. A camera sound will also come. The snap shot will be saved in your pictures folder.
  • Safari will also help you to navigate to top if you are on a web page that has been quite lengthy. If you are at the bottom, and you want to scroll up, just tap on the status bar where you see the time. Safari will help you to reach the top in nano seconds.

Apart from such functions, there are so many hidden functions as well that you can use. For example you can use the home button to close the applications forcefully which are not closing on their own. Just tap the home button twice and the menu bar at the bottom will show you all the open apps. Tap and hold down on any icon. Minus signs on all icons will appear. You can close any you like.

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