Car Rims – Standard Versus Chrome

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Not many things can spice up the look of a car like a new set of rims. The styles of rims have changed over the years — some have gone into the style, only to fall out of style and then eventually come back into style again. Some popular styles of rims that have been seen in the past are chrome rims, which are very shiny and elegant looking, and “spinners,” which are popular amongst hip-hop crowds. Today, there are not many super popular styles of car rims, but the new kid on the block are alloy rims. Alloy rims have been around for quite a while, but these days they have become all the rage on the market.

There are many reasons for the sudden rise in popularity of chrome alloy rims and wheels, but still most car drivers and owners just stick to the standard rims and wheels that came with the car when they purchased it. When it comes to comparing the two against each other, it becomes quite obvious that the chrome alloy wheels and rims are much, much better. Of course, as the market dictates, chrome alloy wheels and rims tend to cost quite a pretty penny.

One of the primary advantages that chrome alloy wheels and rims have are the fact that they are much lighter in weight than most- if not all- standard rims and wheels. Lighter weight may seem pointless in comparison to the overall weight of a car, but lighter rims and wheels will actually improve the steering ability of the car, the wheel calibration and accuracy and the overall speed of the motor vehicle. Most standard wheels and rims are primarily built out of steel, so sometimes alloy wheels and rims may weigh more, but usually do not. Another technical advantage with chrome alloy wheels is that they tend to conduct and deal with heat-related stress much more effectively than steel, standard rims of the same size. The fact they can deal with heat and stress better means that the brakes will work better and last longer, and thus save the driver a little bit of dough in the process.

If you are not impressed by the technical advantages of chrome alloy wheels and rims, then you may be attracted to the visual look of the rims. It all depends on personal taste, but most people will agree that a car just looks more impressive with new, shiny chrome alloy wheels and rims instead of the dull, drab standard issue steel wheels and rims.

Now for something in which standard car wheels and rims are better than their chrome alloy counterparts. Chrome alloy rims and wheels tend to be more prone to corrosion from moisture and other natural factors. Chrome alloy wheels and rims need to be taken care of much more than standard rims do. This is the most common reason why most people do not buy alloy wheels and rims- because they lack the dedication to protect their rims and wheels. Chrome alloy rims are also much more expensive to repair — especially if they are bent in anyway. This is primarily because alloy wheels and rims are just plain more expensive to manufacture and produce.