Using HTML5 Effectively

html5-LogoHTML 5 is an essential step forward in the way people can write code for websites and the internet in general. While there are many languages you can use for web design, HTML is the one that you need to know. So what does basic HTML mean? It stands for HyperText Markup Language and is a fancy way of describing digital tags for online content.

Should I Use HTML 5?

This is pretty much a non-question because if you want to create something for the internet you will be using this for something at some time no matter what you want. You will also come across it even if you do not know coding and just run something like WordPress. So it is really useful to at least have a basic understanding of what you can do and how you can better use HTML 5.

The original HTML was pretty much just links and images as well as words. As it has progressed it has included many new features which can be really helpful in creating an amazing web page. This means you can now define, sound, video and many other multimedia elements that you couldn’t before. This is certainly not the last update, but it does go a long way to creating a more fun and beautiful internet.

Examples of New Opportunities

< article > Define an article that is used.

<aside> Other content that is not the main page content.

< bdi > Keep differently formatted text separate to the rest of the page.

< command > Calls up a command button for the user.

< details > Hides or reveals some additional information.

< footer > Footer element just like you would have on a word processor.

< header > Likewise, the header is the top section of your document.

< hgroup > Lets you have multiple levelled headers, if you have subsections for example.

< ruby > Allows for special annotation used in some Asian languages.

< rt > Explanation on how to pronounce words.

Checking You’re Up to Date

It is a good idea to be keeping track of when you are up to date on your website coding. You should add an event to your maintenance software (if you use any) and run checks on any out-dated terms you might be using. While this can cause some problems, most of the older HTML terms are folded into any standard updates to the language.

So it is more a case of adding coding rather than altering the coding that you already have there. Are there ways you can more eloquently code your webpage and make it load more effectively? These are the answers you need to be asking for anything you are doing online. The technology changes so fast (as well as the trends) that you really need to keep up and move beyond a basic understanding of HTML and see how it can be used more effectively now and into the future.

While this is a good starting point for your online programming, remember, there are many other elements you will need to learn. You should also try your hand at some PHP which is really useful if you want to work with databases. Good luck with your online programming!

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  1. The main ones for me are QB, freebasic, & C. I’ve been mainly programming C on linux lately. I know bits & pieces of many other ones as well. Essentially, the programming language is fairly irrelevant, in my opinion. Programming concepts & problem solving skills carry over to just about all languages and make it easy to pick up new ones.I’m not an aspiring programmer so I don’t really go deep into languages & computer science, just write basic programs that work for me. How’s computer engineering working out for you? I am studying electric engineering myself.

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