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Graphic design has come a long way and now influences everything from product design and advertisement to industrial design. In fact, with modern society becoming extremely visual, you could say that graphic design has become an integral part of our social fabric, something that has changed our view of the world. It isn’t any wonder that high schools are offering graphic-design training to students as a viable and desirable career option, and with the dizzying speed of technological developments, graphic design is evolving at a similar rate. Graphic designers must keep on their toes if they want to keep up with the latest developments and new techniques. The following are just a few trends to watch out for.

Responsive Web Design

It used to be that web designers only had to worry about designing websites to fit the screens and resolutions of desktop computers. Now, you have to consider the fact that customers are more likely to be accessing your website from their laptop, netbook, smart phone or tablet, all with varying screen sizes and resolutions. For a web designer, this can mean designing a different version for each platform, which is fiddly and time-consuming. Now, thanks to web designer Ethan Marcotte, there is a new concept called responsive web design, which uses the CSS3 protocol to create websites that automatically scale to the platform you are using. It’s literally a ‘one site fits all’ solution!

Minimalism in an Age of Saturation

Minimalism is making a comeback in graphic design, with designers opting for more white space and fewer design elements in their work. Maybe it’s a reaction to all the clutter in our lives or a desire for simplicity. Who knows why? It just works.

Modernizing Classic Traditions

Some looks never go out of style, even though the technologies behind them are out-dated, like the printing press and woodcuts. Luckily, Apple has created an app, called LetterMpress for the iPad that lets you create the traditional look of various letterpress techniques using their latest technology. You can choose from various vintage woodcuts, classic images and different paper textures; a variety of ‘coloured inks’ to ‘mix’ and then ‘crank’ out the graphic on the app’s virtual press to create a traditional look that is all modern. It’s an innovation that respects tradition while embracing the new.

New Tools for a New Generation

As in the example above, new technologies give designers new tools with which to create their art. Once the domain of coloured pens and paper, today’s graphic designers are using styli and graphics tablets. Tomorrow’s designers may well do away with any physical instruments at all and simply create stunning visuals with a wave of their hand and a thought form. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the future of graphic design is bright, colourful and unlimited in imagination.

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  1. “When less is more…”, that is the tagline of Minimalist designs. Minimalism brings the most important content to the forefront and minimizes distractions for the user. You could draw minimalistic scheme by focusing on your brand/logo, typography, icons and taglines.

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