Helping Your Employees Better Interact With Your Brand

Social-NetworkHaving your employees interact with your brand and your business makes them feel more a part of your company. This way they will feel a personal connection with the products and services you offer and will become more confident and committed sales people.

This can be something simple like giving them a say in web design or more complex such as more autonomy about where and when they work.

Here we are covering a few very simple ideas that will have your workers having more fun and finally connecting with your brand:

  • Encourage social media – getting your workers online and talking about your business is a great way to increase brand recognition.
  • Writing for Your Website – employees love to share their skills and opinions and your website is a great platform for them to do it and it helps your customers out too!
  • Feedback – Just listening to your employees will help your employees build their connection with your brand.
  • Autonomy – giving workers the trust to work how they want, with results, will not only increase brand connection but also employee loyalty.

Encouraging Social Media

Giving your employees access to social media is a great way to get them posting about your business. So they are on Facebook with their friends? Have them like your business and share news with their friends! This can really increase your social media reach and has a great impact on search engine optimisation.

Writing for Your Website

All of your employees will have different specialities that are directly related to your business. Having them write specific blog articles for your website is a great way of improving their connection with your brand. This will let them share their knowledge and give them some ownership over the content they are helping to add to the website.

Feedback on Service and Products

When you have your employees give their honest opinion about your business it can be a little scary. However, there is nothing worse than not knowing about any problems until the business starts to fail. This is especially true in cases where you are not in constant direct contact with your customers. While often your employees are the ones that are your direct contact with the customers so they know what they hate and what they like.

More Worker Autonomy

Giving your workers more trust and autonomy can actually increase productivity and give them a sense of belonging to your brand. Even using some simple cloud computing services is a great start to allow employees to work from home or even from a cafe down the road! This is great for workers with families, and increasingly flexible jobs are in demand from professionals with families.

Whatever your branding strategy is for your business it is always important to involve your employees in any way you can. This will help make your business more of a family than just a place to work. Make sure that workers understand the type of brand and business that you want to create so they can be a part of it too.

2 comments on “Helping Your Employees Better Interact With Your Brand

  1. Being able to work remotely is a great way to keep employees motivate. Working in an environment like home or even elsewhere that someone is comfortable is ideal. One aspect is daycare costs. Someone who can work remotely from home to cut down on daycare costs is almost like getting a raise. Save time and gas and… expensive daycare. Even just once or twice per week can save hundreds or more dollars/month. Even if you need security above data encryption from hosted options a company can use a web conferencing appliance option that is installed on the companies network behind the firewall. So there are multiple options to cut done on the carbon footstep and increase employee moral.

  2. Sometimes you need to trust your employees, give them voice in the company and as you said, a sense of “autonomy” will give them confidence to interact with your brand. I hope my employer will take time to read this post and make a move on how to implement this in our workplace.

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