Evolution of Labor [Infographic]

Labor Day HistoryToday is Labor Day, a national holiday that celebrates the hard work of past generations as well as their fight for reasonable working conditions and fair pay.

In the past, most jobs involved hard physical work. Today, as most physical jobs are being gradually replaced by machines, the majority of the workers (nearly 70%) use a computer every day for their work. More IT jobs are appearing all the time and the demand for skilled professionals is constantly growing.

Here at CosmoBC.com, we wish you a happy Labor Day! 🙂 Enjoy this day off, and if you aren’t able to spend time with friends and family you can send them Labor Day ecards, and remember the sacrifices of past generations as well as their hard work that made possible the great technological advancements we take for granted today.

Labor Day history infographic

Infographic by Modis.com

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