Easy Tech Support – Part 5: Finding Information

Google iconIn this fifth and final part of the easy tech support series, the folks from Google focus on ways to find information on… you guessed it… Google. It may seem like a lot of self-advertising, but they present us with lots of different useful Google services that show up in specific Google searches. For example if you search for the weather or a currency exchange rate all the information you need will be displayed within the Google search results page, without you having to leave Google. Similarly you can find information such as public transportation routes or traffic status straight from Google maps.

If you have family or friends that are less tech savvy than you, the following videos would be a great resource to show to them. It will save them considerable amounts of time. The videos are also available on the Teach Parents Tech site. For previous posts in this series see: part 1 on the basics, part 2 on the internet, part 3 on communication and part 4 on media.

Easy Tech Support Series:

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