Social Networking Security Threats

It seems that nowadays most people don’t care about privacy on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The new location service rolled out by Twitter and a similar one under development on Facebook, are another source of potential security risks. Tweeting that you are leaving home isn’t such a good idea anymore if you are also sharing your location… It’s almost like leaving your door unlocked.

Facebook and Twitter security threats

Other possible threats on social networks are phishing scams of all sorts. Simply by clicking a link you could have your login information stolen, and thus loose your account, with all the private information it contains. Fortunately Twitter is acting to prevent just this. Now all links in Direct Messages and e-mail notifications will be redirected through (Twitter’s own URL shortening service) which would enable Twitter to instantly check each link before they are even clicked. And even if they were clicked Twitter is working on a way to protect it’s users.

5 comments on “Social Networking Security Threats

  1. Man, I am glad that you said it, because there are many websites like this that are super trusted, because of their name and have security issues. I actually just got a virus and had to reformat because of one of these known websites, I am mad!

  2. hello.I caught a virus from facebook and since then I have Kasperky antivirus.I have found a review of it at top ten best antivruses
    good luck

  3. There are so many computer security threats coming live right now. Malware is developed within days to take advantage of software vulnerabilities. When these are combined with social networks and phishing attacks the results are the huge botnets we have been seeing recently.
    Sadly, especially on social networks, most people do not know how to keep their computers secure.

  4. The Social Networking public is the future of e-commerce and, through that function, is the future of charitable donations that are made and earned online.

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